APS personnel are highly skilled in the development and application of high performance motors, electromagnetic actuators, specialty pumps, and custom power electronics systems for industrial and military customers, ranging from a few kilowatts to megawatts. The APS facility is structured to support the development of technology and prototypes that enable system and machine design. This includes advanced hydraulic development test facilities for evaluating pump hydraulics and a flexible high voltage test facility suitable for insulation endurance testing and other life testing.

APS is certified to ISO 9001-2000 quality standards.

APS has a broad depth of experience in advanced machine design, pump hydraulics, applied power electronics, control algorithms, integration, and packaging for demanding applications. Experience includes design, development, and test of sophisticated first-of-a-kind machines, pumps, and power electronic systems, as well as transition of these designs to small volume assembly and manufacturing.

HV Test Cell with Sample Coil

Diagram of Hydraulic Screening Facility Equipment

APS personnel include experts with extensive theoretical/analytical skills and practical experience with application engineering and design in a broad range of capabilities, including:

  • Power and control electronics
  • Power conditioning
  • Embedded controls and computing
  • Simulation of sophisticated systems
  • Electric motor and generator design and manufacturing
  • Linear motors (image below)
  • Specialty motors and generators including canned motors, permanent magnet, pulsed duty machines, and pulsed power machines.
  • Energy storage systems
  • Converters, Inverters, and Motor Drives (image below)
  • Advanced pumps, including multiphase
  • Penetrators and connectors for hazardous and subsea environments
  • Rotating machinery fluid dynamics
  • Mockup and development testing

Linear Induction Motor, Custom Inverters, and Controllers for Advanced Traction Application