EMD provides a complete complement of engineering services for critical needs applications.

Manufacturing services include assembly, winding, machining and welding. Engineered solutions are provided by a full complement of licensed engineers and include electrical and mechanical engineering, hydraulics and power electronics. Specializing in naval electric machinery, EMD provides the US Navy and shipbuilders with a wide variety of new, refurbished and reverse engineered parts. In addition to parts, EMD provides full repair and refurbishments to extend the service life of naval and industrial systems.

Testing and qualification services include integrated test facilities, rotor test facilities and quality assurance for all aspects of design, development, manufacturing and installation.

Solutions include:

  • Manufacturing & Engineering Support
    • Assembly, Winding, Machining & Welding
    • Engineered Solutions
    • Parts
    • Repair and Refurbishment
  • Testing & Qualification Services
    • Integrated Test Facility
    • Quality Assurance
    • Rotor Test Facility

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