Testing & Qualification Services

Due to the critical performance requirements of all EMD products, uninterrupted performance at the highest rate of efficiency is a consideration incorporated from the time of design throughout implementation. EMD is committed to providing the greatest rate of return on these critical assets. Subsequently, unique testing and Quality Assurance programs are provided with all EMD solutions.

EMD's testing facility assures the highest levels of quality performance and product life with strict diagnostic criteria performed before implementation.

Key Areas of support:

  • Integrated Test Facility
  • Rotor Test Facility
  • Quality Assurance

Integrated Test Center

The EMD Integrated Test Facility offers state-of-the-art machinery electric testing. Capabilities range from locked rotor, short-and open-circuit test to precision flexible rotor multi-speed multi-plan balancing.

Work Envelope
M/g Supplied power 450 V to 13.2 kV, 0-75 Hz Service combinations to 1000 kW
60 Hz Commercial Mains Power 450 to 13.2 kV, service combinations to 7500 kW
DC Excitation 0 to 600 V, 1200 Amps
Resistive Loads Capabilities to 7500 kW
Cooling Water Heat rejection to 3000 kW
Lube Oil Supply Regulated supply temperatures
Single Crane Bridge Lift and Turn Capability 65 tons
Max Machinery Train Dimensions over Bed Plates 50 feet long, 16 feet wide

A comprehensive test center:

  • Induction and synchronous tool motors to 7000 HP and 3600 RPM
  • Speed increaser gearing for speeds of 9500 RPM
  • Extensive instrumentation capabilities including electrical parameters, thermocouple and resistance bulb temperatures, speed and slip, structure and air borne noise, ventilation pressures, flux probes
  • High voltage Megger, polarization index and high potential test capability
  • High-speed digital transient data acquisition at rates to 250,000 samples per second
  • Rigid and flexible rotor balancing
  • Tooling switchgear including instrumented breakers for AC and DC sudden short circuit test, synchronous machine current balance short circuit test
  • Core loop test and thermal imaging equipment
  • Associated test support including hydrostatic, pneumatic and helium leak testing, hydraulic testing, calibration and instrument repair facilities
  • Massive tee-slot machinery test bed plates and assorted machinery support parallels

Quality Assurance

EMD's Quality Assurance programs covers all activities from design, development and manufacturing, to installation, field services and documentation.

Quality Assurance programs are dictated by the U.S. Navy as well as those outlined by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B) and are subject to rigorous regulation in regards to providing adequate confidence in structure, system and component performance, extending to service and documentation.

With decades of experience in Navy submarine and surface ship programs, our nuclear, mechanical, hydraulic and power electronics program place EMD in a pivotal role as a provider of domain expertise and subsequent quality assurance. Because of this, EMD provides performance support services to the U.S. Navy for its nuclear power, electrical generation and pumping product line. The same holds true for its commercial line of products for the nuclear as well as the oil and gas industries. As a specialized manufacturer of products built to specification, EMD is uniquely capable of supplying a broad range of monitoring, inspection and required maintenance services.

EMD's test center facilities and licensed staffing is ISO 17025 compliant for competence to carry out all subsequent training and certification. Beyond this our goal is to satisfy all of our customer's quality requirements, regulatory and otherwise while meeting all environmental objectives.

Rotor Test Facility

The EMD High Speed Test Facility features state-of-the-art equipment and computer hardware/software to perform a variety of product acceptance tests, including precision balancing, stiffness matching, seasoning, dynamic impedance testing and over speed testing of generator, turbine, compressor motor and pump rotor products.

Weight Range 4,400 to 88,000 lbs
Maximum Diameter 117 in.
Maximum Journal Diameter 16 in.
Length Range 52.5 to 183 in. Longer rotors may fit depending on bearing location
Manufacturing Style Schenck-trebel DH8

Facility test features:

  • Customer product is processed in reinforced bunker that "floats" on compressed vibration isolation pads and is electrically isolated to perform micro-balance operations
  • Can micro-balance to a minimum of 3.5 gm-inches
  • Low speed balancing of rigid products
  • High Speed up to 20,000 rpm balancing of flexible products
  • Stiffness matching of products and associated twice-er-rev data acquisition
  • Seasoning (heating) of products at up to 150°C in modular seasoning enclosure containing accurate temperature ramping and control
  • Overspeed runs for component and material proof testing
  • Checking of operational bearing performance
  • Four planes of displacement data with up to 8 proximity probes
  • Vibration isolated foundation and low noise drive train for accurate balance solutions
  • Electrically driven transporters for fast setups, facility loading and minimal cycle times
  • Dynamic Impedance test capable for generator products with collector rings
  • Computer-aided data acquisition and balance solutions
  • Numerous report quality plots and printouts are available
  • Fully vacuum running capable
  • ISO 9001, ASME NQA-1 and MIL-Q-9858

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