Defense Products & Services

The Electro-Mechanical Division (EMD) is an integrated supplier of advanced, electro-mechanical and pumping solutions to the U.S. Navy. EMD designs, manufactures, tests, delivers and supports specialized canned motor pumps, motors, generators, and propulsors. Its components and systems serve when high reliability, shock or seismic resistance, long life expectancy, low maintenance, and harsh-environment operation is needed. In 1952, for the USS Nautilus, EMD designed and manufactured zero-leakage pumps that required virtually no maintenance. More recent designs have established new standards for performance and reliability, and EMD pumps are used in several other advanced applications for the defense market. In addition to motor, generator and pump designs, EMD manufactures components for advanced launch and landing systems for carrier-based aircraft, and for next-generation weapons systems.

EMD solutions include:

  • Canned motor pumps
  • Ship service generators
  • Ship main propulsion generators
  • Ship propulsion motors
  • Rim driven ship propulsors

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