EPD provides a wide variety of engineering services including computational fluid dynamics analysis, design services for new pump design and the engineered modification of existing pump applications. Upon request, we can also provide reverse engineering services for existing obsolete pumps as well as design support for the manufacturing or reengineering of legacy obsolescent pump parts. For projects that require careful installation or removal planning, EPD offers full service supervision to assist in those critical operations. Various consulting services are available including off and on-site trouble shooting, provisions for test environment recommendations, and procedural testing criteria for pumps to aid in diagnostic analysis.

Available Resources

  • Analysis Services
    • In-house Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis
  • Design & Product Management
    • New Pump Prototyping
      • CAD (Computer Aided Design)
      • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)
    • Upgrades and Modifications to Existing Designs
  • Reverse Engineering
    • Obsolescent Pumps
    • Legacy Parts Replacement
  • Consulting Services
    • Off and On-Site Trouble Shooting
    • On-Site Service Supervision
    • Testing & Maintenance Documentation

Skills and Tools for Engineering Solutions

  • Mechanical Design
    • AutoCAD, Solidworks, Cosmos
    • Rotor dynamic analysis
  • Hydraulic Design
    • Axial, mixed and radial flow impellers
    • Multi-stage configurations
  • Composite Material
    • Vinyl ester, epoxy
    • Fiberglass, carbon fiber
  • Additive Manufacturing
    • Patterns and Impellers

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