Fleet Solutions

Curtiss-Wright maintains three service centers dedicated to U.S. Navy work.

  • DoD security compliant
  • Shop and field service is provided from all locations
  • Turnkey overhaul / repair, testing, and parts sales for air compressors, main propulsion steam turbines, valves, steam turbine generators, auxiliary turbines, dehydrators, pumps, strainers, PLCs, blowers, and water purification.

The Chesapeake, Virginia service centers and its satellite in Mayport, Florida, service the Atlantic Fleet, and the Chula Vista, California service center helps maintain the Pacific Fleet.

Service Agreements

Curtiss-Wright provides OEM authorized services, meeting the requirements of NAVSEA Standard item 009-90 for equipment manufactured by the following companies:

  • Curtiss-Wright EPD Pumps
    • Ingersoll Rand®
    • Ingersoll Dresser
    • Worthington
  • Howell Labs
  • Carver® Pumps
  • The Hellan® Strainer / Hose Reels
  • Marotta® Engineered Valves
  • Nash® Compressors

All service centers are ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd’s.

Shop availability and services include:

  • Machine shop, field machining, and electrical services
  • Material handling – cranes, forklifts, vehicles, cleaning, and painting
  • Welding and non-destructive testing
  • Sound, hydrostatic, and vibration testing
  • Alignment (double dial and laser) and other operational testing
  • HP, LP compressor, LP blower, DBAC, dehydrator, pump and valve shop testing