Mission statement

Be the number one provider of critical naval onboard equipment handling systems and specialized structures by:

  • Maximizing safety of personnel and equipment
  • Delivering high performance at competitive prices
  • Providing industry leading life cycle support and services

State-of-the-art systems

Extensive use of CAD, computer simulation, solid modeling and manufacturing resource planning (MRP), aid in developing and producing high quality, custom products efficiently and economically.

  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) using Pro Engineer
  • Fully Integrated MRP II
  • C/SCSC Program Management
  • ILS Systems including SLIC
  • Technical Publishing including Interleaf, Adobe
  • Software Development Systems including ADA compilers
  • Engineering Data Management System including Pro Intralin
  • Engineering Modeling and Simulation Systems for towed body characteristics and ship/helo interface
Certificte of Registration


  • Canadian Standards Association
  • Canadian Welding Bureau Qualification; W47.1 Steel Welding, W47.2, Aluminum Welding
  • Electrical assembly and wiring work to IPC-A-610 and IEEE Specification STD-45 requirements
  • High reliability soldering to ANSI/J-STD-001B and electrical wiring to CSA STD-C2221
  • Electrical Department facilities conform to MIL-STD-1695, ANSI/ESD-S-20.20

Our People

INDAL employs a staff of professional engineers specializing in hydraulics, hydrodynamics, hydro acoustics, electrics, electro-optics, electronics, mechanical design, reliability, maintainability, safety, software and systems engineering to enhance the company's product offerings and to accommodate customer requests for custom design in equipment integration. Trained technicians proficient in a variety of related fields and by state-of-the-art computer aided engineering systems support these professionals.

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