Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

The INDAL MANTIS Extra Low Profile (ELP) is a specialized battery powered free-deck aircraft tug. It provides the capability to maneuver helicopters and fixed wing aircraft within the physical and operational restrictions of a flight deck or shipboard hangar space. Aimed directly at maritime embarked aviation, with rotary wing aircraft such as the Sikorsky MH-60R & MH-60S, the Airbus Helicopter NH90 and the Leonardo AW101 (Merlin). The system also satisfies the increased AUM aircraft such as the Boeing Tilt Rotor (Osprey) as well as existing aircraft types such as Harrier AV8B, F16, F18 and F22.

The MANTIS ELP aircraft tug has four wheel steer and four wheel drive offering unparalleled maneuverability. It uses the weight of the aircraft it is handling to provide the traction required and offers significant weight savings when compared to traditional ballasted deck tugs.

As the emphasis on faster, more nimble vessels and reducing the 'mass above the waterline' becomes more important, the INDAL MANTIS ELP system offers a weight saving solution for ship designers and Ground Support Equipment for Navy, Coast Guard and commercial operators.

  • Simple chest pack controls make steering logic fully intuitive.
  • Braking and acceleration is computer controlled by reference to aircraft type so that inertial and kinetic loads cannot exceed the aircraft designer's intended undercarriage loading.
  • MANTIS can drive in four directions with complete automatic steering logic allowing the unit to traverse narrow aisle on smaller vessels.
  • State of the art DC to AC conversion allows AC control of AC drive motors providing superbly proportional, and progressive, traction control of motor speed, acceleration, and torque with fully computerised traction control.
  • Less than 30 second aircraft acquisition utilizing the patented 'MATRIX' system.
  • Aircraft Acquisition from any flight deck position - No more athwart-ship landing recovery nightmares.
  • Computerised battery charging and management system gives huge range and endurance even with aircraft greater than 90,000 lbs / 41,000 kg AUM.
  • Unique lift and tow system ensures clearance on under fuselage antennas and chin radomes etc.
  • Close coupled, towbarless design operating principles allows very accurate parking of aircraft within a few inches maximizing available hangar space.
  • Proven reliability with over 120 systems in operation throughout the world.
  • Tested to applicable environmental and EMC/EMI test requirements.
  • Huge cost savings over conventional embedded deck handling systems.
  • Ship Motion – Typically Sea State 4 although final determination is dependent on the Vessel and Helicopter dynamic characteristics. For ship’s motion requiring the aircraft to be physically secured to the deck INDAL recommends our track based systems (RAST / ASIST / TC-ASIST).


MANTIS Aircraft Tug

Aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE) The MANTIS aircraft tug is designed specifically for deck and ground handling of military helicopters and fighter aircraft. It provides the capability to...

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