An intelligent claw capture system for non-probe installed aircraft

While Indal ASIST (Aircraft Ship Integrated Secure and Traverse) is a popular system for those navies that have probe-equipped helicopters, for some navies the option to install a telescoping probe on their existing helicopters is difficult. In order to support non-probe installed aircraft, Curtiss-Wright has developed the Indal Twin Claw (TC-ASIST) system, a derivative of its already proven and successful ASIST system.

The TC-ASIST system provides full security after landing and through all on-deck operations, up to and including Sea State 6 conditions. The pilot, assisted by visual cues, flies the aircraft to a position over the designated landing area on the flight deck. The Indal Rapid Securing Device (RSD), fitted with a pair of claw arms designed to capture and secure the wheel spurs of the aircraft, tracks the helicopter position with the capture arms at a ready position at either end of the RSD. The claw arms are spring loaded and held in the down position until tire sensors contact each tire as the arms are brought in. Upon contact, spring force rotates the claw arm upwards until it contacts the wheel spur. Each claw arm acts independently, but they are mechanically interlocked to ensure simultaneous operation.

Once the aircraft is secured, it is ready to be aligned/straightened for traversing from the designated landing area to the hangar or any intermediate location. All deck handling operations can be accomplished without the need for personnel on the flight deck.

Function Description
General Provides positive, uninterrupted securing provided at all times
Recovery Assist Optional ASIST style helicopter tracking system available to supplement standard deck cues and line up lines
100% free-deck landing
Capture Area 3~4 m2 [typical]
Compatible with harpoon deck-lock grid
Maneuvering and Traversing Achieved through single operator controlled movement of Rapid Securing Device along deck track
Constant helicopter lateral positioning maintained during traversing


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