About us

Steam & Air Solutions (SAS), a business unit of the EMS Division of Curtiss-Wright, is a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-essential, high-speed rotating equipment solutions, including reciprocating & centrifugal compressors, steam turbines, and steam system valves, supporting the U.S. Navy aircraft carriers and submarines, and most major U.S. Navy shipbuilding programs. SAS is the sole supplier of steam turbines and main engine guard valves on all aircraft carrier programs.

Curtiss-Wright’s Steam Turbines, Compressors, Blowers, and Valves are in use on the following ships and submarines:

  • Ticonderoga-class (CG)
  • Nimitz-class (CVN)
  • Gerald R. Ford-class (CVN)
  • Arleigh Burke-class (DDG)
  • Wasp-class (LHD)
  • San Antonio-class (LPD)
  • Whidbey Island-class (LSD)
  • Virginia-class (SSN)
  • Ohio-class (SSBN)
  • Seawolf-class (SSN)
  • Los Angeles-class (SSN)
  • Henry J. Kaiser-class (T-AO)
  • America-class (LHA)
  • Supply-class (T-AOE)
Ticonderoga Class
Ohio Class
Ford Class

Since 1943, Curtiss-Wright has supplied hundreds of Terry Steam turbines for the Commercial Nuclear Industry. These steam turbines are installed in critical emergency service applications globally.