Naval Shipboard Air Compressors

Curtiss-Wright ship service air compressors have reliably supported the U.S. Navy for more than 60 years.

Curtiss-Wright’s centrifugal, screw, and reciprocating units are providing low- and high-pressure air from 125 psig to 5,000 psig with capacities from 60 scfm to 1750 scfm. Applications for Curtiss-Wright air compressors on surface ships include vital air services such as feed air to oxygen/nitrogen (O2N2) plants, pressurization for aircraft elevators, emergency diesel engine starting, control of sea water, and support of helicopter services. Curtiss-Wright air compressors are also used for operating pneumatic tools, blowing out sea chests, fueling hose blowback, and even blowing ship whistles.

On submarines, the importance of compressed air cannot be overemphasized – virtually every diving and surfacing function relies on it. Curtiss-Wright compressors are being used for main hydraulic systems, torpedo & missile ejection, emergency main ballast tank blow, and for starting of the diesel engines.

Upgraded Compressors