SAS Markets & Products

New Equipment:

  • Manufacture of CVN-77 Main Propulsion Units and ancillary steam turbines (MFPT, MCPT, etc.)
  • Development and manufacture of FORD Class Main Propulsion Steam Turbines
  • Main Engine Guardian Valves (MEGV) – Aircraft carriers
  • Main Steam Root Valves (MSRV)
  • Low-Pressure Air Compressor (LPAC) & DeBallast Air Compressor (DBAC) for LPD-17 LHD-8, and LHA-6 Class
  • Spare compressors and air ends for NAVICP
  • Manufacture Terry® Steam Turbines for Commercial Nuclear Safety-Related Service


  • High/Low Pressure Air Compressors (HPAC/LPAC)
  • Steam Turbines / Turbine Generators / Valves
  • Nuclear safety-related spare parts, repairs, and upgrades
  • Nuclear safety related repairs
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