Target Rock's assembly facility meets military standards. Assembly involves manufacturing to individual machined requirements and the fabrication of components to a desired configuration, per engineering drawing.

Subassemblies are subsequently configured into a final major assembly yielding a finished product.

Development and Qualification Training

Target Rock has designed, engineered, and constructed an extensive array of test facilities to support the design, development, and qualification testing of its products. All of Target Rock’s flow test facilities are supported by complete instrumentation services for measuring and recording pressures, temperatures, flows, noise levels, accelerations, displacements, forces, and strains.

High Pressure Steam Testing

Two high pressure (2700 psi) boilers, with a steam generating capacity of 10,000 #/hr., supply four high pressure, stainless steel accumulators with a total capacity of 85 cu. ft. The accumulators supply two 4” and one 6” 2500# test section inlet flanges with the test section discharge piping sized at 10”. This unique facility may be used to achieve extremely high steam flow rates for seat leakage and set point certification testing or may be used for long duration, endurance type steam tests within the generating capacity of the boilers.

Pressurized High Temperature Water Testing

Four closed-loop, high temperature-pressurized water facilities constructed of stainless steel and rated at 3,000 psi @ 680°F can provide continuous flow rates of up to 300 GPM across the test sections. Higher flow tests may be conducted by injecting steam over pressurized hot water using a 65 cubic foot, 3,000 psi stainless steel accumulator.

Cold Water Flow Facilities

Various closed-loop ambient temperature water flow test facilities are available which can produce a wide range of flow rates and pressure drops. One such loop uses a 600 HP diesel to power a four-stage centrifugal pump which delivers flow rates up to 1,000 GPM and differential pressures to 1,100 psid.

High Pressure Air

Two four stage compressors with a combined capacity of 40 CFM supply a bank of high-pressure air receivers with a total storage capacity of 72 cu. ft. Extremely high flow rates can be achieved when this facility is used in a blowdown mode in conjunction with a 65 cu. ft. accumulator.